A few of our Existing Students' Success Stories


Post subject: My Success with the school
Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:06 pm

"In early 2005 I had teamed up with a local life insurance salesman. I got him a bunch of leads but he turned out to be a flake. I had these leads and knew I could get a lot more. I posted on webmasterworld "i have these leads where can I sell them"

I think Michael and a couple others on that forum thought I was referring to mortgage leads as I got a response from Mike and some other forum members.

Lucky me! I joined the school and made 15K my first month. I went on to earn over 1 million dollars in commissions.

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Post subject:Personal and financial freedom
Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:36 am

"I joined the school in early 2007. I'd been doing some other affiliate marketing and was pretty good with Adwords and seo, so from the start I was profitable."

I scaled my campaigns as much as possible, bidding aggressively and it paid off. My best month so far with a combination of the school and other networks is £50K profit on turnover of about £90K, better still when my accountant saw the first years figures he said '****ing hell!'....great to hear an accountant say that!.

However it hasn't always been plain sailing. One of the key things about the school is getting paid on time and for the correct amount. Mike always pays....and it makes a big difference to have that confidence when spending large amounts on ppc. I've been knocked for over £100K by other, supposedly well respected networks.

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Post subject:My Story
Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:43 pm

I came out of University with a history degree and no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I got a job through a friend working for a new internet marketing company where I worked for 3 years. During those years I learnt how to create and run Adwords/Overture/Espotting campaigns for clients, and I set up affiliate programs for clients in areas like car finance and secured loans.

One day I called up one of our affiliates, a certain Michael Anthony, who couldn't chat for long because he was taking his Aston Martin in for a service. I remember thinking: 'How the **** can an affiliate afford an Aston?'

Anyway, the company went bust and I was made redundant in 2005. I had 1 month's redundancy pay to keep me afloat whilst I found another job. That's when I discovered the newly created Affiliate Marketing School. I was assigned a HM called Paul Guest. Through loads of help from Paul and Michael, I managed to set up a website and an Adwords campaign, and began to sell leads to the school. I think I made about £1000 profit in the first month with an outlay of £1000. The next month I risked £2000 and made £2000 profit. I stopped looking for job interviews at this point.

The next few months I was making a couple of grand profit a month working from home. A modest salary but bear in mind the working hours - about 2 hrs a day! One day I thought to myself: 'If I can make £2000 profit in 1 month by spending £2000, what would happen if I spent £10k? So I borrowed £10k from my future in-laws (a risky move with hindsight!!) and spent it in a month, bringing in £10k profit. This gradually increased over a year or so, hitting the heights of around £37k profit in one month.

My wife quit her job, we relocated to the countryside and we're living our dream lifestyle as a result of the school. I've had 2 great holidays in Whistler with the school where I've met some great friends.

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Post subject: My Incredible Success Story!
Posted: Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:43 pm

Allright, due to popular request here's my success story.

I played some pro football but deep-down I knew I wanted something else. A beautiful mind is a terrible thing to go to waste! So I went to University Business School and paid my tuition fees by showing all the other guys how to get girls in bars/clubs (Yes, for real!). I also got some essays and assignments written for me that way lol. After graduating I worked briefly in finance (bank) but boy did it suck. I always had an entrepreneurial brain so naturally, I wanted to become self-employed and get out of the rat-race as quickly as possible. The Internet was always something that interested me so I tried pretty much everything anyone would try to make money. I read lots affiliate forums, followed other gurus advice but in the end it was all just a total waste of time. 99% of all the stuff out there is complete horseshit. I know, I've tried 'em all. Anyway, after a helluva long spell of failures and mediocre successes I discovered the AMS (I think it was through webmasterworld).

It wasn't like any other Forum/Site as you were being assigned a Headmaster - someone who would actually help you! Yes, HELP you achieve the success they already had without selling you anything. That's what really caught my attention and I thought it was the coolest thing ever as I literally CHATTED to my Headmaster and I could pick his brain. I felt like this was genuine and I should really get myself into this ... because if it works for all these people then it sure can work for me.

After lots of brew-haha and readin every post in the Forums I soon decided to give it a go. I remember when I got my very first lead that paid £20 ... I just had to leave as I was invited for dinner but my mind was going crazy. I was totally buzzing: "Ok, now what if I get 3 of those leads per day? ... Damn, I could quit my job!".

Well, not soon after I was making much more than just 3 leads per day, so I quit my job and started working full-time from my own flat. Now, I never start work before 10am as I want to go to the gym first or sleep in a bit. I still do around 6-8 hours per day of work but I can do whatever I want. If I want to watch a movie, order a pizza and drink beer during the middle of the day I can. The biggest reward of AMS in my opinion is the lifestyle. Where else can you work in your underpants while eating cereal straight from the box? lol.

AMS has truly transformed my life and the best feeling ever is that I managed to become self-employed by never giving up and sticking it out no matter what. My only problem: I still don't know what to tell people what I REALLY do for a living?

I hope this story is inspirational to anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps. Any questions or if you need some help yourself, don't hesitate to ask.


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