Selling leads through our system - a step by step guide

1. Because we are very particular about lead quality, we have strict guidelines on site content and marketing techniques as follows:

We do allow sites to capture more than one type of lead, provided that it complies with ALL the relevant guidelines.

Build your website in accordance with the guidelines and integrate forms for whatever lead type you wish to sell. You may chose from the following form integration methods (please click on each method for documentation):

2. Have your site approved - click here to apply

3. Once your site is approved, you will be given a registration code for access to our live database. Create an account for yourself in our database by setting up a username and password and please ensure that we have all your bank details, without which you won't get paid.

4. You now need to integrate your live database details into your forms - click one fo the following links for instructions.

5. When a visitor to your site makes an application, your account within our database is automatically credited with the payout in respect of the lead.

6. Start promoting your site.

7. You can see your earnings by logging into the live database and running an affiliate report.

All payments from TCH are made by direct bank transfer on or around the 25th of the following month.

We have a minimum threshold of £100 for payments - if the total balance we owe you is under £100 then this will be carried forward to the following month.

All payments will be made in GBP and your own bank may deduct charges for receiving the money (usually between £5-20 but can vary)

To ensure that you are paid, please login to the TCH database and add your bank details by clicking on the "User Profile" link in the left hand menu.

Please note that your payment will be delayed if you fail to provide this information in time.

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