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Here's where you can select an Affiliate Marketing School Headmaster to be your guide. All Headmasters are proven experts in online affiliate marketing who are here to help you grow your income by working with you one-on-one. Once you have decided who you would prefer to work with, simply contact him by clicking the "Contact" button.

"Got 2 university degrees in IT and finance before I found about AMS back in 2005. I've always wanted to be my own boss rather than a 9-5 slave caught up in the 'rat race'. AMS helped me achieve that and changed my life. Became a HM so that I can share my knowledge and help others find freedom as well."


Age: 33
Monthly profit: "top secret" :)

Technical Strengths:PPC (Adwords, Bing , Facebook), email marketing, display advertising, website design and coding
Best Achievement in Affiliate Marketing:Making more in a month compared to what most people make in a year. Having an awesome lifestyle and enjoying freedom.
Personal goals for the future:Help my students get what they want, in anyway I can. Travel round the world. Start a family and have kids.

"Still going to Business University, but becoming less and less interested, since I always though that university won't give me what I am looking to achieve in my life. Started as a student at A.M. School and rapidly became a headmaster. I had my Adwords account suspended in the first year, just after I started making £10K a month. Made some nice connections with important people on Google, who helped me with insiders' tips & tricks and also got my name whitelisted. Today my students benefit from my experience and improve very fast, making decent profits."


Age: 24
Monthly profit: £33,000

Technical Strengths:Internet Marketing (PPC), Entrepreneurial Mind, Conversion Optimisation, Web Design
Best Achievement in Affiliate Marketing:Being able to travel the world, go surfing whenever I want and come back richer.
Personal goals for the future:To continue seeing people going crazy after they start making money because of my help. To put some pressure on the "older dogs" above :D

"Worked in sales for 14 years, becoming Sales Director for a major company. Been involved in running online businesses (startups and established businesses) for 7 years, using PPC and affiliate marketing as a merchant. Launched my first affiliate campaign in April 09 and was asked to become a headmaster just under a year later."


Age: 37
Monthly profit: £30,000

Technical Strengths:Establishing high CTR through writing effective ad copy, and high conversion rates through good site design. Exploiting new markets. PPC.
Best Achievement in Affiliate Marketing:Making profit from month 1. Consistantly achieving over 500% ROI in some markets. Launching 6 profitable sites in my first year.
Personal goals for the future:Continue to have a fantastic quality of life and be in control of my own destiny. Also, to help my students do the same.

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